It will never cease to amaze me just how strictly enforced alcohol laws are in the US. It's a stupid, stupid policy that doesn't lead to a gradual introduction to beer/wine/spirits and a responsible attitude towards them. » 6/30/13 10:27am 6/30/13 10:27am

What would possibly entitle the younger Snowden to choose the location of his trial? Is he requesting that the no-gag order extend beyond classified information that has already been made public (and thus the reason for the trial)? » 6/29/13 12:52pm 6/29/13 12:52pm

Paula Deen's transgressions happened thirty years ago under dubious context - but you'd never know that given the sensationalist media coverage and the peculiar social weight given to anything that is superficially racist in the US. And given that these exchanges are between grown me, I think you're reading way too… » 6/28/13 8:35am 6/28/13 8:35am

It sounds like the bulk of the damage was done to the Iranian nuclear refinement infrastructure before anything leaked. A little bit different than Manning's wholesale disclosure of all things classified. » 6/28/13 8:09am 6/28/13 8:09am